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     Some time ago, precisely on Tuesday, 6 December 2016 has been held Internal Audit Quality (AIM) in Department of Industrial Engineering precisely on Statistics and Quality Engineering Laboratory. Auditor comes from the Department of Electrical Engineering, Brawijaya University. The audit aims to improve the quality service of Statistics and Engineering Quality Laboratory. In the audit carried out checks on the internal audit borang so that in the future there were improvements in the business processes conducted by the Statistics and Quality Engineering Laboratory to make better in the future. The event starts at 08.00 am and was attended by several professors from Department of Industrial Engineering, The Head of Statistics and Quality Engineering Laboratory, the mother Debrina Puspita Andriani ST, M.Eng, some assistants of  Statistics and Quality Engineering as well as the coordinator of a laboratory assistant Statistical and Quality Engineering, Hafidz Zamroni.

    One representative laboratory assistant Statistics and Quality Engineering who attend the audit said “Yes, in the presence of this internal audit we can know and checks the suitability of existing documents with what we’ve done so far in the Statistical and Quality Engineering Laboaratory, and there is some feedback from the auditors so that it can further improve the quality of our future.” the event of internal audit is an annual event of The Department of Industrial Engineering was also conducted at other laboratories as well as The Department of Industrial Engineering themselves.(DA/RK)1