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A total of 15 represenberita1tatives of students from SMAN 4 Tangerang conducted a study visit to the Statistics and Quality Engineering Laboratory on Tuesday (13/12). That Students is one part of the 458 students of class XI from SMAN 4 Tangerang who Conducting a study visit to the University of Brawijaya. During the visit, they were accompanied by some teacher assistant.

According to one teacher assistant, their visit was to see firsthand the condition of Universitas Brawijaya. The hope, Universitas Brawijaya can be used as a reference for students of SMAN 4 Tangerang as a campus destination after they graduate studies. This visit also want to see more detail how the lines go to the UB that can be taken by students when it was class XII. One subject they are interested in is the Department of Industrial Engineering. Therefore, students are invited to make direct visits to laboratories in the Department of Industrial Engineering, one of which is the Statistics and Quality Engineering Laboratory.

In a question and answer session in the laboratory, students of SMA Negeri 1 Banjarmasin average depth would like to know more about what they will learn science in Industrial Engineering. They were also briefed that in Industrial Engineering science, the science of statistics is one of the areas most applications. “The visit of the day was so much fun, we could get a better picture of how life on campus as well as how their activities. In addition, we also get to see firsthand how the atmosphere at the university that was very comfortable to use as a place to learn,” said Siska one of the students present. Once satisfied do question and answer, the students are invited to see the overall condition of the UB campus. (BA)