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19 students of Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) had been visited the Industrial Engineering of Universitas Brawijaya, 5 (five) of them had been visited Statistics and Quality Engineering Laboratory on Wednesday, February 7, 2018. The students came from various majors in FakultiKejuruteraan / Faculty of Engineering, Universiti Putra Malaysia, such as Aerospace Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Chemical and Environmental Engineering, and Agricultural Engineering.

This visitation is a part o172124f the Inbound Student Mobility Program which is a form of cooperation between Faculty of Agricultural Technology (FTP), Universitas Brawijaya with Universiti Putra Malaysia. On this visitation, the Statistics and Quality Engineering Laboratory had the opportunity to present profiles, work programs and achievements from SQE Laboratory

In the question and answer session, the students want to know the scope of subject that exist in SQE Laboratory. They also get an explanation that in the existing subject of SQE Laboratory consists of Industrial Statistics, Quality Management, Experimental Design, and Product Development and Design.

“I am impressed with the existing statistics of the Statistical and Quality Engineering Laboratory because we only get basic statistical material at the first year of collage,” said Muhammad Afia Misri, one of UPM students who visited SRK Laboratory.172135

“This visit certainly makes us happy , besides we can share knowledge and experience on their respective campus, they also look very enthusiastic when asked in the question and answer session. They were also impressed after seeing some books that have been published by the laboratory, one of the book ‘Introduction to Industrial Statistics’, Therefore, this visit can be our motivation to make more effort to make SQE  Laboratory being the best, “said Annisa Sophie Amalia as assistant Laboratory of Statistics and Quality Engineering. (FPP / ASA)