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Su1439873985831nday, 16th August 2015, Statistics and Quality Engineering Laboratory held an internal training for the laboratory assistant in cooperation with Arena Statistics in Gedung Barat Teknik Industri (GBTI). The training are conducted in order to improve the understanding of the appropriate assistant material being studied. The material presented are regarding the use of SPSS and related data analysis needed in the world of statistics, especially basic statistics. At the end of the training session statistics, laboratory assistants of Statistics and Quality Engineering are given the tests to measure the extent to which understanding of the material presented

There‚Äôs so many science and new knowledge gained by the assistants on this training.” Alhamdulilah, I learned lot of new knowledge about statistic. The One is about the SPSS for processing and analysis of statistical data.” Said Hafid Zamroni as the participant of the training.

At the end of the occasion, Danny Prasetyo S.Si as the founder of arena statistics as well as the trainer who gives the training material are pleased to work together and get to know more about Industrial Engineering UB in hopes will be able to maintain the relation between the Arena Statistics and with the particular Industrial Engineering, and Statistic and Quality Engineering Laboratory did not stop until the last training course , but still can cooperate in other opportunities related to the field of statistics and engineering quality. (FR/AL/IHP)