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TheFOTO INTENS team from  Statistics and Quality Engineering Laboratory won the first prize in the Industrial English Speech Contest (INTENS) 2016 which was held at 6th floor Auditorium  of Industrial Engineering on November 19 th. The Teams consist of Annisaa Adi Ramadan SRK ’13 and  Khalisah  Mutiara SRK’14, they was successfully defeated five other teams from all Industrial Engineering  students who participate in this competition.  INTENS is a speech contest  competition who was organized by Association of Industrial Engineering Student Universitas Brawijaya with theaim to improve the competence of students of Industrial Engineering Departement, especially in English language skills, which is still deemed less. Before the competition started, there are a technical meeting for the entire team who join this contest. At the technical meeting, every team get the vary speech topics. The team from Lab SRK  get the speech topic “The use of outsourcing in business-food Workforce”.

   On the day of the contest, the team from the Lab SRK getting third in order of appearance. The team fomr Lab SRK then present the speech that had been prepared for 15 minutes. The next session is the answer and question session with a duration of 10 minutes with the jury, Mr. Oyong Novareza ST, MT, Ph.D and Mr. Rachmat Himawan ST, MT. After all the teams appeared, finally a team of SRK announced to be the winner of this Contest. “We are very pleased with the victory in this contest. We think this competition is great to be a driver of the increase in the ability of students of Industrial Engineering UB especially in getting used to speak English, because during the race as it had not been established. Hopefully in the future the enthusiasm of students of Industrial Engineering UB is increasing and topick given to the competition this speech could be more diverse ” said Khalisah, team members of the Lab SRK. (AL / BA)