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         Alpha Team from Industrial Engineering University of Brawijaya won the second place in the Industrial Small Medium Enterprise Competition (ISMEC) who was held by Departement of Industrial Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, University of Brawijaya on October 30 – November 3 2016. A team consist of 3 member.The member is Billy Anugrah SRK ’14, Roby Kurniawan SRK ’14, and Maulivia Rizma SRK ’14. They was successfully beat eight other teams from other seven universities to be the runner-up under Elbi Team from Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB), which became the first.

When found, Roby WEBKurniawan as the team leader explained that the competition consists of two stages, namely the online selection and final round. For the final round, there are three phase which is industrial knowledge, industrial tools, and visit IKM. Roby admitted that his team success ahead in the first half of the race. “The value we got down in the third round, but we still managed to win the second place”  said Billy, another team member. At the first session of the final round, he added, the participants were faced with two sessions. The first phase is the completion of several questions together all members of the team, then continue with betting point round. The next session is running lab sessions. When running the laboratory, all the participants got an obligation to come to the six laboratories. They get different problems in each laboratory. Six laboratory may include Manufacturing System l laboratory, Work design and ergonomy laboratory, Statistics and Quality Engineering, Simulations and Industrial Applications laboratory, ndustrial Computer laboratory and Industrial Management Studio. “All problem on every lab is very challenging, shocked, but Alhamdulillah we can still do,” recalls Maulivia .

        On the last session, they visited IKM Tani Harapan in Dampit, Malang. The challenge is, each participant was asked to analyze the problem and be able to propose solutions in the industrial field with the theme ” Empower Local Potential With Marketing Aproach “. Roby admitted, his side lift solutions in marketing strategy, and he said that his team did’nt have any significant obstacles  during the final round. The atmosphere of competition is so thick, but it actually pushing Alpha team become the second champions. They also hope, there are future generations who can continue to improve achievement in the future to lift the name of Industrial Engineering of UB and the Statistics and Quality Engineering Laboratory in the first position in ISMEC next year. (BA) web2