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1465108097454     As one of the work program owned by the Statistic and Quality Engineering Laboratory related to the regeneration of assistants, in the period from May to June 2016 Statistical and Quality Engineering Laboratory held the Open Recruitment. Open recruitment is only for students of Industrial Engineering class of 2014 who really want to contribute and develop their interests and talents, especially in the field of statistics and quality engineering.

     From the total 25 registered files and only 16 people who pass the selection phase of the administrative and eligible for further selection phase which is the written test phase, presentation and interview. Then in the final stage, on Saturday, June 5 2016, nine people were chosen as the new assistants who are qualified and worthy of being part of the big family of the Statistic and Quality Engineering Laboratory. Those nine are Annissa Dian Islami, Billy Grace, Destantri Anggun R, Fachrezy Pangestu Widi, Khalishah Mutiara, Maulivia Rizma, Medi Susanto, Roby Kurniawan, Unggul Setiaji where all nine of the person who will carry out the mandate of new assistants of Statistic and Quality Engineering Laboratory of batch assistant 2014. This will be in collaboration with the active assistants of SQE laboratory in terms of practical implementation as well as other various work programs of the Statistic & Qualit1465108090097y Engineering laboratory and for the period ahead.

  “I would like to express gratitude and congratulation to friends who is considered to have qualifications from the SQE Laboratory thus chosen to be the new assistants of SQE Laboratory. By your join as part of the Big family of SQE’s Laboratory, it is expected to bring SQE Laboratory is getting better again and continues to be a laboratory that perform continuous improvement. During this time SQE Laboratory has a very strong culture, and it is my great hope that you keep that culture, “said Mrs. Debrina Puspita Andriani, ST., M.Eng as the Head of the Statistic and Quality Engineering Laboratory remarks in a welcoming ceremony the new assistants of Statistical & Quality Engineering Laboratory, (AL / AAR)