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  1. Soft Group Report Cover
  2. Blank HVS paper (A4)
  3. Report Cover
  4. Approval Sheet
  5. Foreword
  6. Table of Content
  7. Chapter I Divider Page
  8. Report Chapter I
  9. Chapter II Divider Page
  10. Report Chapter II
  11. Chapter III Divider Page
  12. Report Chapter III
  13. Bibliography
  14. Attachment Divider
  15. Photocopy of Practicum Control Card 
  16. Photocopy of Lecturer’s and Assistant’s Control Card


1. Before binding the report, the format and composition of the report shall be consulted with the assistant of report.
2. Reports printed on GSM A4 80 gr, duplex printing, borderless and colored paper.
3. Report bilmed soft cover laminate with paper blue buffalo technique.
4. The delimiter of both individual and group reports is printed in color.
5. The group names listed on the cover and the approval sheets are sorted by NIM.
6. The original Practicum & Assistant’s Control Card and Lecturer’s Control Card are collected at the deadline of final report collection.
7. Appendix Copy of Practicum & Assistant’s Control Card and Lecturer’s Control Card sorted by NIM
8. Burn files to cd consist of files below from all group:
- final report with pdf format
- scan of Practicum & Assistant’s Control Card
- scan of Lecturer’s Control Card