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   On May 30th 2017, as one of the activities of industrial statistics practicum even period  2016/2017, a satisfactory distribution of letters to practicum of industrial statistics was conducted. With the dissemination of this satisfied letter, it marks the end of the industrial statistics laboratory of this period which has been implemented for 1 semester. These activities are conducted in the Statistics and Quality Quality Engineering Laboratory and are attended by all assistant.

   A satisfied letter was distributed to 13 groups of practicum of industrial statistics. In addition to the distribution of satisfied letters also carried out the distribution of individual reports in each group starting from the first module to the fourth module. After the distribution of the satisfied letters and subsequent reports, practitioners were asked to provide criticism and suggestions aimed at providing improvements to the current practicum system, for statistical laboratories and quality engineering as well as for assistants. So hope can be improved on the next period of practice.

      “On this day we are grateful and thank all the practitioners who have completed all the process on this lab, hopefully can provide benefits”, said Fachrezy as coordinator of Statistics and Quality Quality Engineering Laboratory assistant. Hopefully with the end of the activities of industrial statistics laboratory this period can provide benefits to practitioners and laboratory. (DA/BA)