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day2_1In order to improve the knowledge and the experiences in international competition, SQE Laboratory sent a delegation in International Statistic Competition for Engineering Students (ISCE) 2018. The team name’s was Statteam that consisted of Annisa Sophie SQE’15, Shintya Dwi N. SQE’15, Widya Rahayu SQE’16. ISCE was the international competition that held every two years by Parahyangan Catholic University, Bandung. ISCE 2018 was held on November, 6th – 8th 2018 and followed by 20 teams from Indonesia or foreign country. On the selection stage, statteam was achieved until the semi-final stage. But, Statteam must stop on the semi-final stage after battled with Parahyangan Catholic University and ITENAS. “The competition is so challenging because every stage is challengeday2_2 ourselves in statistics. Besides that, there were the questions and the new problems about statistics. We hope that ISCE 2018 could make new knowledge and new experiences for the further competition,” Said Widya Rahayu, one of the Statteam member. From this delegation, the assistants are expected to have more knowledge and experiences, and also motivate the assistants to have another competition that can make an achievements for SQE Laboratory and Industrial Engineering Departments.