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In order to show the existence of Statistic & Quality Engineering Laboratory internationally, two teams with three SRK’13 assistants each participated in ISCE 2016. ISCE or International Statistics Competition for Engineering Students is an once in two year event organized by Industrial Engineering Department of Parahyangan Catholic University Bandung. This international competition about statistics and its appliance in engineering was held on 8-10 November 2016. Team’s delegates of Statistics & Quality Engineering Laboratory had to compete with total of 24 other teams, which are from 19 national universities and 1 university not from Indonesia.

Both team’s delegates of Statistic & Quality Engineering Laboratory which are Mirakuru (Annisaa Adi Ramadhan, Tiffany Clara Alesi, Fitriyanti Nur Chasanah) and HFS (Harizka Dwi Putri Anggriyanti, Fajri Rachman, Silvya Ratri Nugraheni) had earned significant points in the first round of ISCE and successfully made it to the big 20 and went to semifinal round. Unfortunately, Mirakuru and HFS’s journey had to stop on semifinal round after heated round with the team from University of the Philippine Diliman and the host of the event Parahyangan Catholic University. The result of ISCE this year was won once again by University of the Philippine Diliman and two teams from the host of the event Parahyangan Catholic University came two places after.

“Even though we couldn’t win the competition, we got new experiences and new knowledge. We are certain to have them as learning so our junior can win this competition in the next two years. We also say thank you to everyone who supported us in this competition, especially our head of laboratory Mrs. Debrina Puspita Andriani, ST., M.Eng.”, said Annisaa Adi Ramadhan as the representative of the teams.

It is expected that by SQE Laboratory’s participation in this competition,  can broaden the connections and relations, also assistants could enrich their knowledge in basic and applied statistics in industry, and also keep passionate to improve quality both individually and for laboratory. (AAR/AL)

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