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Not satisfied enough with one international journal publication, at the end of this year SQE Laboratory proved the quality of its researches one more time. Two research journals from Statistic and Quality Engineering Laboratory successfully pass the selection for a national seminar entitled ISAC (Indonesian Statistical Analysis Conference) 2016. Those journals are “Analysis of Assignable Variation of Aluminum Fluoride (AlF3) Using Statistical Quality Control Method” written by the head of Statistic and Quality Engineering Laboratory, Mrs. Debrina Puspita Andriani, ST., M.Eng together with one of Industrial Engineering UB student T. M. Faiz G. The second journal is “Analysis of Sugar’s ICUMSA Quality in Kebon Agung Sugar Factory Malang” written by one of the SQE’13 assistant Annisaa Adi Ramadhan together with one of the lecturer in SQE Laboratory IE UB Mrs. Lely Riawati, ST., MT. These research papers were presented by Annisaa Adi Ramadhan and Silvya Ratri Nugraheni at the ISAC 2016 seminar which was conducted by Industrial Engineering Department of Parahyangan Catholic University on 10th November 2016 with theme of  “Energy Statistics in Sustainable Development”.

This ISAC seminar is an event of scientific conference between academies and practitioners in order to develop statistical science and its implementation in industry. In this occasion, also had plenary session about implementation of statistics in energy efficiency, presentation of research papers, and workshop about data mining. Statistic and Quality Engineering Laboratory participation in this conference is a real form of one of the University Tri Dharma which is conducting research. Besides, it is expected that this achievement will increase capability and quality of SQE Laboratory in the future. (AAR/AL)