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14452215340021445226015214     As one form of implementation of the Tri Dharma University namely Community Service (Pengmas), Saturday, October 17, 2015 Laboratory of Statistic and Quality Engineering (SRK) Industrial Engineering UB in cooperation with PT Nindya worked through workshop in one of the SME in the area of Batu, namely UKM Bagus Agriseta Mandiri, which is one of the SME that produces various kinds of food made from apples and some other fruits to be processed into dodol, chips, ‘jenang’, and others.

   Seminars and workshops themed “Implementation of GMP and HACCP to Enhance Competitiveness of SMEs In Welcoming MEA 2015″ is to run smoothly. Where the event was attended by some of the IT faculty of UB and followed by all SRK laboratory assistant, student representatives of Industrial Engineering, and some production employees from Bagus Agriseta Mandiri. In a series of seminars and workshops, participants are invited to visit directly to the production floor to know the process of food production in Bagus Agriseta Mandiri. Then continued with the seminar with GMP and HACCP related materials presented by Mr. Raditya Ardianwiliandri, ST., MMT. as the representative of the Industrial Engineering lecturer at UB.

     “The event was very enjoyable. We’re able to know the existing production process directly in Bagus Agriseta Mandiri. Besides the seminar material on GMP and HACCP are also beneficial for us as participants because this material is basically closely related to quality, which is one of the principal topics in Industrial Engineering, “said Marlin as participants.


     At the end of the session, Mr. L.Tri Wijaya N. K., ST., M T as the Head of the SRK Laboratory submit the charter to Mrs. Luluk as the representative of the Bagus Agriseta Mandiri owner. In addition, Mr. L.Tri Wijaya N. K., ST., MT also to thank all those who have supported this event, namely PT. Nindya Karya, Bagus Agriseta Mandiri, Department of Industrial Engineering UB, Faculty of Engineering UB, and The Luwis Fish and Chips. It is expected th after the event, will be established a good relationship between SRK Laboratory TI UB and SME Bagus Agriseta Mandiri, especially in terms of improving quality through community service activities as well as research. (AL / HFP / AAR)