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As one form of contribution amas tomnd participation in the field of marketing research, Statistics and Quality Engineering Laboratory sends its delegation consisting of M.Hafid Zamroni, Anisa Lutfiana, Ismanu Hutama Putra joined in the team by name “SQE” to follow a National Competition Marketing Research Competition (NMRC) in 2016 conducted by the University of Atma Jaya Yogyakarta in Cikarang on 21-23 November 2016 . SQE team who went to Jakarta has previously been able to escape in the semi-final stage and set aside be some opponents through the selection phase of the proposal until finally selected 12 teams from various universities in Indonesia to make a final presentation in PT.Multistrada directions Sarana Tbk, Cikarang which is corsa tire manufacturer as well as a sponsor for this event.

NMRC Competition concept is indeed unique and quite challenging compared to other competitions. The participants were asked to complete a case study of a company in real terms in this case related to the marketing of products Corsa tires manufactured by PT.Multistrada Arah Sarana. So it is not only the ability in theory is favored, but how they perform analysis and formulate strategies are applied in order to raise the company’s marketshare is also a jury vote. SQE team consisting of an active assistant SRK Laboratories raises a related study “Mapping Analysis Improvement Strategy marketshare with Matching Matrix Integration and SEM”.

     On the first day, participants were asked to present their research results in front of a jury consisting of academics, practitioners and also management PT.Multistrada Arah Sarana. The first day of the presentation, TIM SQE escaped to continue with a 5 second presentation of the day in front of the Board of Directors PT.Multistrada Arah Sarana, Tbk conducted openly. The jury gave an appreciation of research results and the methods used by SQE Team. Until the final stage it was announced that Tim SQE from Universitas Brawijaya won the first place, Universitas  Prasetya Mulya team won the second and the team from  Universitas of Indonesia became the third champion.

   “I am quite impressed with what young people do today. With an assortment of methods that they are able to produce enough creative strategy. I congratulate directed toward the winners. Hopefully what you get helpful here, new knowledge and experience new experiences that we provide. “Said Mr. Pieter Tanuri which is the President Director of PT.Multistrada Arah Sarana, Tbk once the jury in the final round when giving the closing remarks.

   Congratulation with this achievement. Hopefully with this achievement assistant can give encouragement to others and can provide benefits to the Departement of Industrial  Engineering Universitas Brawijaya and to Statistics and Quality Engineering Laboratory. (DA / AL)

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