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Industrial Engineering on Action (IDEA) 2018 is one of the competition of a series of Industrial Festival events related to Industrial Engineering scholarship held by Industrial Engineering Department, Andalas University (Unand), Padang, West Sumatra on 23 – 26 April 2018. SQE Team consisting of Muhamad Mudhafir Walad SRK’15, Febrina Puji Purwandani SRK’15, and Shintya Dwi Nur’aini SRK’15 became one of the teams representing Industrial Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Brawijaya. The theme raised in this fifth year of competition is “Designing A Smart Supply Chain For Sustainable Businesses In Industrial Revolution 4.0″.

The opening of the competition was held in Building F, Andalas University by Vice Dean III of Faculty of Engineering, Andalas University. There are 3 (three) stages that must be passed by the fifteen teams that qualify. The first stage is to answer the scientific question of Industrial Engineering in the form of multiple choice, stuffing, and bet. Then in the second stage the beer game is a simulation program of the distribution process. Before entering the third stage, participants make a visit to PT. Semen Padang to obtain a case study to be presented in the third stage. In this third stage, participants present solutions that can be applied in accordance with case studies and themes at PT. Semen Padang. After making this presentation, immediately announced the winners who qualify, and unfortunately the SQE team should be heartened because it can not be a champion.

“What’s interesting about this IDEA race, the first beer game we did. In this beer game really needs a strategy to be able to generate profits as big as possible. Although we have not become champion, this hope can be a learning for younger brothers in the future in order to become better, “said Shintya Dwi Nur’aini as one of the members of Team SQE. (FPP / ASA)IDEA2