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IMG_0754As one of the work programs that SQE Laboratory held every period, the external training “SPECTRA Vol.8” on this semester is taking theme Hypothesis Testing and ANOVA. The purpose of this training is to prepare to face industrial statistic practicum and for batch 2017.

In this time, SPECTRA was not only attended by Industrial Engineering students, but also there were some of the students form another department in Universitas Brawijaya. The event IMG_0828started at 07.30 until 10.30 on Auditorium 6th floor, GBTI. The topic of this training was Hypothesis Testing and ANOVA, and the trainer was Mrs. Dr. Eng. Oke Oktavianty, S.Si., MT., one of the lecturer in Industrial Engineering Department, Universitas Brawijaya. The participants of SPECTRA got the knowledge from the trainer and they also knew about how to operate Minitab 18.

“SPECTRA is so helpful for us to face the practicum and Industrial Statistic Course,” Said Debby Intan, as one of the participant on SPECTRA Vol.8.

DSC09248This event is expected to help the students to be prepared enough to face the industrial statistic practicum, to operate the Minitab 18 software, and also to know more about Hypothesis Testing and ANOVA.