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20181106_114940On Tuesday, November 6th 2018, SQE Laboratory had a chance to have a guest from SMAN 1 Luwuk that there were 9 students and 2 teachers on the visitation. The students were from Grade 10th that had a visitation.

The purpose of the visitation was to know about the product development process until the marketing of the product. The other purpose was to know more about the department in Universitas Brawijaya. Therefore, the students had a visitation to laboratory in Industrial Engineering Department, one of the laboratory was SQE Laboratory.

The visitation was focused on the discussion about the subjects in SQE Laboratory and the activity on the SQE Laboratory. On this session, the students were also have a questions about the campus life, the struggle of being a students, and how to deal with the campus life. The teacher from SMAN 1 Luwuk also have a questions about the product development and marketing.

“We are glad to have a visitation to Universitas Brawijaya. We hope that we can implement the things that we had from the visitation, and also our students could know more about the campus life and get ready to have a campus life,” said one of the teacher of SMAN 1 Luwuk. After the discussion activity, the students continued their visitation in Universitas Brawijaya.