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Located at the Statistics and Quality Engineering Laboratory, on August 14, 2017, a sharing session was held on about lectu abroad delivered by Nouval Rezka as Director of Radio PPI Indonesia (Banchelor of Mechanical Engineering of Zheijang University of Technology), and L. Tri Wijaya Kusuma ST, MT. as moderator  Who is also the Chairman of PPI Taiwan. In this event also attended the Head of SRK Laboratory, Mrs. Debrina Puspita Andriani ST. M. Eng, and assistant SQE Laboratory period 2013, 2014, and 2015.

1This series of events begins with the presentation of study abroad, including campus life, university selection, and tips for students who want to undergo study abroad. The next session followed by question and answer about how to get scholarships abroad, how to do the final project, and PPI organization that oversees Indonesian students studying abroad. Nouval Rezka who is also the Director of Radio PPI World revealed that there are many opportunities and scholarship links provided by many countries in the world, with easy requirements for students who have an interest in continuing further studies abroad. In addition, Nouval Rezka also recounted his experiences during his role as director of radio PPI, which is one of its duty is to connect all Indonesian students around the world who are members of the PPI network.

“This activity provides many benefits for us. We initially did not know how the information of study abroad became known, and became increasingly motivated to participate in study abroad, especially with the scholarship “Reveal Muzzaki, assistant of SQE Laboratory 2015.

Sharing Session activity is then closed with a photo together. Through this activity, it is expected that the interest of students to be able to continue study abroad become increase, and can give contribution from education result for Indonesia in the future. (DA / MS)