To become the prime Statistics and Quality Engineering Laboratory in theoretical and applied at national and international level in line with the educational curriculum in Industrial Engineering and Tri Dharma Perguruan Tinggi in 2020.


Developing science and technological knowledge, as well as contributing to the field of statistics, with the objective to improve the quality of all laboratory stakeholders.

Delivering research and community service related to the field of statistics and quality, with the purpose for developing science and technological knowledge, and help resolve problems within the community.


  1. Organizing the practicum of Industrial Statistics in relevance with industry and society needs to support the role of students with moral academic potential and entrepreneur spirits.
  2. Conducting research and community service in the development in Industrial Statistics and Quality Engineering and helping to solve Industrial Problem
  3. Giving Services to stakeholders through educations, researches and community services.
  4. Building national and international cooperation in order to repair the process of practicum and cooperative researches.


“Saying with Facts, Proving with Statistics”