Documentation Partnership
12 CV Bagus Agriseta Mandiri(Research and community service in the areas of production, quality management and layout of the facility) 








345 PT Terminal Teluk LamongMoU(MoU in terms of implementation of the Tri Dharma Perguruan Tinggi, where one of the cooperation undertaken eg field work related to the field of practice / KKNP, data retrieval thesis etc.)
6 PT Amerta Indah OtsukaIn cooperation with the Institute for Research and Community Service University of Brawijaya in Hutan Malabar revitalization planning projects Malang in 2015.


Documentation Partnership
 78 National University of
SingaporeA visit to one of the laboratories at NUS, namely Strategic Engineering Laboratory.
 9 National Central University TaiwanVisit by one of Professor from Graduate Institute of Industrial Management NCU for interview and promoting NCU international students scholarship