Statistics Day 2015 : Celebrating 2015 National Statistics Day and 9th SQE Laboratory Anniversary


Statistic day is a series of events to commemorate the national statistics day, and SQE Laboratory 9th Birthday. National Statistics Day is the anniversary of the Indonesian National Statistics that falls on 26th September. This event has been held from two years earlier. For this year, the statistics day held by SQE laboratory only held one day on 2nd October 2015 and the theme used is “Statistics Through Time”. This is because that the September 26 falls on a Saturday and adjacent to the Eid al-Adha.

The activities carried out are photo contest, dart challenge, spinning wheels and statistics booth. The photo contest are opened on 29th September 2015 and implemented through Instagram. Statistic booth is a stand that displays everything related to the theme of the day and SQE Laboratory. In the statistics booth, there are several practical tools which are used in the SQE laboratory, then there are also decoration of the photograph collection of the entire family of SQE laboratory assistant ranging from 2005 to 2013 in order to celebrate the 9th anniversary of SQE laboratory. In addition there is the challenge on the spot in the statistics booth, which is throwing dart and spinning wheels.

Students who want to follow the challenge must update to any social media about statistic day. The challenge system is throwing darts with highest cumulative dartboard scores affected will get a prize. And also spinning wheel challenge which the spinner would get snacks from SRK. In statistic booth there was also a photo booth as a spot available for visitors who want to take pictures at the booth.

This statistic day event was greeted well by the students of Industrial Engineering. ” the event was so fun because there was required to update to social media before play the games. And this makes lot of people talk about this event”, said Elisa Meiyer, student of Industrial Engineering of UB 2013.

In addition, this event also as an educational tool for students. ” The challenges are very interesting and educative. Like the photos of well-known statistic figures, whom I used to only known their names. And also games to play darts, spinning wheel, and the other “said Irma.

For the photo contest, the winner was Selvi and was published on October 6, 2015. For this photo competition, the prize given is different from the other challenge.Picture1

Statistics Day 2016 : Anniversary of National Statistics Day at the Statistic and Quality Engineering Laboratory


In commemoration of National Statistics Day which falls on  September 26th 2016, Statistic and Quality Engineering Laboratory  held the “Statistics Day” which is housed in Lab Srk. This activity is one of the work program of the SRK laboratory who has a goal to introduce the science of statistics with a variety of fun activities for the students of Industrial Engineering.

     The Statistics Day is filled with various games such as darts, glass pong, as well as composing the puzzle that is guided by an assistant when the participants play. In the game, there is also provided prizes for the students who could be the winner. In addition to a wide variety of games, with these activities were completed by the introduction of figures who contributed in the field of statistics as well as the introduction of equipment supporting practicum and research in the lab. The participants were very enthusiastic when it comes to follow these activities, it can be seen from the height of SRK lab when the event is in progress.

“This activity is very pleasant, with this event, we can further enhance the sense of interest in the world of statistics, with fun activities once certainly” reveals one of the participants  who related activity statistics this day.

With this statistic day, it is hoped the students could be more loving and more attracted to the world of statistics and particularly a passion for doing research-based Stats by utilizing existing facilities in the lab (BA/AL).