“QUEST”, Seminar and Sharing Session on Research by Statistic and Quality Engineering Laboratory


Saturday, 27th February 2016 at the Auditorium, 6th Floor Gedung Barat Teknik Industri (GBTI) Universitas Brawijaya, Malang, Statistics and Quality Engineering Laboratory successfully held the “Quest”. Quesis a research-related seminars and KKNP by SQE Laboratory Assistant, packaged simply in a sharing session.

Quest event began promptly at 11.00 am with the speakers are Firman Mega P (SRK ’12), Megananda Agmie (SRK ’12), Hadinda Fitri P (SRK ’12), Ismanu Hutama P (SRK ’13) and Annisaa Adi R ( SRK ’13) and also Ilya Ramadhania, ST (SRK ’12) as one of the representatives of alumni from the class of 2012, as well as have successfully graduated in Industrial Engineering UB S1 with the study of 7 semesters. The event was attended by about 80 participants and it was opened by Mr. L.Tri Wijaya Nata Kusuma, ST., MT. as the Head of the Laboratory of SRK.

“Quest is an SQE Laboratory work program as a form of implementation of the Tri Dharma University, whose purpose not only to present Lab researches conducted by SQE Laboratory but also to help students who want to graduate in the seventh semester. From this seminar, it is expected the participants able to understand the subject and any method that can be used into KKNP’s research or final project. “Said Mr. L.Tri Wijaya Nata Kusuma ST., MT. in his opening speech.

The participants were enthusiast about the Quest seminar. The seminar is divided into three sessions, presenting related materials research conducted in PG.Kebon Agung, as well as at the end of the session there is also a sharing session about thesis topic issues and tips for graduate in 7 semesters delivered by Ilya Ramdhania, ST.

“The event is fun and very rewarding for the participant. The participant know more about what it KKNP, topics and methods that can be used as well as how to deal with the thesis later, “said one of the participants from the Quest seminar.

In the end of the event, the is question and answer session for participants. Where from the speakers and participants also presents questions that can be answered will get doorprice from SRK Laboratory. With the positive response from the students of Industrial Engineering of UB on the implementation of the Quest for the first time, is expected in the coming period “Quest” will be held on schedule and run better.(Al/IHP)



      One other work program that has been held by statistic and quality engineering laboratory is by holding a sharing session related to research conducted by SRK laboratory assistant. The event was held on March 12th , 2017.
This event took place at Auditorium of Industrial Engineering Building of UB, and started at 10.00 WIB. QUEST itself was attended by more than 60 participants from the generation of 2015. The event started with sharing sessions on sample reports and tricks and tips Tricks Real-Work Lectures on this occasion explained by Khalisah Mutiara and Destantri Anggun Rizky who is also a laboratory assistant batch 2014. Not only about KKNP but also how to pass 3.5 years on this occasion represented by alumni assistant laboratory SRK who has completed the study period for 3.5 Years. The speakers at the session were Anisa Lutfiana, Ismanu Hutama Putra and Annisaa Adi Ramadhan.
In both sessions, there are discussions about tips and tricks  to be able to conduct real work lecture practice and final thesis assignment. In the first session on practical work practice college, the discussion was directed about the procedure of doing KKNP, tips to get the company, and tips on doing KKNP report well. As for the second session discussed on how to get the final topic, tips to get the company, tips to do research, and tips on doing the final task effectively and efficiently.
With this event, the participants are enthusiastic in asking about the important things related to KKNP and the final task of on next semesters. It is also hoped that the interest of UB’s Industrial Engineering students towards the research will increase with the holding of this event. (DAA/BA)