Final Essays Title
Writer's Name
1Clove Cigarettes Quality Improvement (SKT) Method with Six SigmaTia Zhalina Santoso2013
2Analisis Risiko Strategi Internasionalisasi Program Studi Berdasarkan ISO 9001:2015Annisaa Adi 2017
3Determination of the Optimal Combination of Factors and Level Factors of Abon Jamur Based on Organoleptic Tests with the Taguchi MethodTiffany Clara Alesi 2017
4The Analysis of Supply Chain Risk On Ready to Drink (RTD) Product Using House of Risk MethodSilvya Ratri 2017
5Quality Improvement of Keripik Apel Products Using the Taguchi Method in CV. Bagus Agriseta MandiriAnisa Lutfiana 2017
6Design of Quality Management System Improvement in CV Ailani Food Based on ISO 9001: 2015Harizka Dwi 2017
7Coretube Pipe Defect Analysis in Brassing Process Using Six Sigma Method and Analytical Hieararchy Process (AHP)Fajri Rahman 2018
8Analysis of Batik Cap Malang Fade Resistance to Sweat Using the Taguchi Method
Unggul Setiadji
9Work Accident Risk Analysis at Container Ports with Fuzzy FMEA Method
Medi Susanto
10Operational Risk Analysis in the Garment Industry Using the Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA) Method
Khalishah Mutiara
11Design of Color Resilience Quality against Scratching in Batik Cap Malang Using the Taguchi Method
Maulivia Rizma
12Analysis of Quality Improvement in Batik Tulis Malang Using the Taguchi Method
13Improving the Quality of Batik Cap on Fabric Washing Color Fade Resistance by Using the Taguchi Method
Annissa Dian Islami
14Operational Risk Analysis on the Production of the Industri Alutsista Metallic Box with the House of Risk Method
Andreas G. Bimantoko
15Quality Control Analysis By Implementing Six Sigma Method on Wafers Go! Jumbo Chocolate
Febrina Puji P.
16Analysis of Service Quality of Customs and Excise Collection with Service Quality and Quality Function Deployment Methods
Annisa Sophie

17Kano Model Integration and Quality Function Deployment in the Development of the Concept of Cane Products
Shintya Dwi Nur2019
18Digital Interface Design for SME Online Sales Platform with Kansei Engineering Approach
Firda Rahmatika 2019
19Determination of Optimal Factor Level Combinations for Nutrient Content in Abon Jamur using the Taguchi MethodFitriyanti Nur