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As the closing form of the series of Integrated Practicum 2, Industrial Engineering students, Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Brawijaya held iDEX (Industrial Design Exhibition) on Friday, December 15, 2017. In this activity, students who take the Integrated Practicum 2 compete each other to show the development result products in the form of posters or prototypes. The Integrated Practicum 2 is a collaborative practice between the Labor Design and Ergonomics Laboratory and the Statistical and Quality Engineering Laboratory.

This iDEX activity is open to be visiteidexd by all Universitas Brawijaya students by showing KTM. Of the 17 groups that participated in the event, three groups were selected based on the results of the lecturers’ assessment. One of them is the group of 11 who became the first winner in this activity with the product I-Yummy Box which is the product development of the box.

“With the iDEX is certainly bringing the spirit and euphoria for the whole group because they can compete with each other to show the best innovation we’ve done on a product. And with this activity, also can introduce Industrial Engineering majors to outsiders “, said Achmad Fawwaz Bahaudin as representative of group 11. (FPP/ASA)