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In an efforts for regenerate on the leadership structure of the Statistic and Quality Engineering Laboratory Assistant the selection of the New Assistant Coordinator was held on Saturday, January 20, 2018 at the Laboratory of Statistics and Quality Engineering. This new Assistant Coordinator will develop responsibilities for the period 2018/2019

The Coordinkoas 1ator Assistant’s election was attended by Mrs. Debrina Puspita Andriani ST., M.Eng. as the Head of SRK Laboratory, and the other representatives from SQE’s Laboratory large family they are Mr. L. Tri Wijaya Nata Kusuma ST., MT. (TI’05), Viki Rahmanto (TI’09), Yesi Nur Fadilah (TI’09), Fajri Rahman (TI’13), Annisaa Adi Ramadhan (TI’13), Muhammad Hafid Zamroni (TI’13), and all active assistants of SRK Laboratories from class of 2014 and 2015.

The events began with the self introduction of all the SQE’s Laboratory large family who attend this event and all assistant.  After going through several stages, then elected as Coordinator Assistant  SQE’s Laboratory Andreas Geonaldi Bimantoko (Bimo) period 2018/2019. The whole audience hopes that the selection of Bimo as the Assistant Ckoas 2oordinator will enable SQELaboratories to become better.

“Congratulations to the selected Coordinator. Hopefully be able to assume new responsibilities and mandate. And hopefully can all assistants of 2015 SRK Labor more solid “, said Fachrezy Pangestu Widi as Assistant Coordinator of the previous period (FPP/ASA)