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Representative of the Statistic and Quality Engineering Laboratory, Industrial Engineering, Universitas Brawijaya sent its delegation to participate in the Industrial Engineering in Action (IDEA) competition organized by Universitas Andalas, Padang. Delegates sent consisted of three (6) active assistants of SRK Lab who joined in 2 teams namely GAMMA team consisting of Roby Kurniawan SRK’14, Medi Susanto SRK ’14 and Superior Setiaji SRK ’14 and SQE team consisting of Fachrezy Pangestu Widi SRK ’14, Annisa Dian Islami SRK ’14 and Khalishah Mutiara SRK ’14.


A series of activities will be held on April 24 – April 28, 2017 at the Universitas Andalas Campus. This year’s IDEAL was attended by 15 teams of participants from existing universities throughout Indonesia. The event starts with the opening by with Gala Dinner on April 24, 2017.

The first round of the Competition begins with work on the allowance made in the University of Andalas campus on April 25, 2017. On the second day followed by simulation beer game sessions conducted to screen the participants entitled to enter the grand final stage followed by 5 teams with the best value . At the time of the announcement, the delegation of the Laboratory of Statistics and Quality Engineering had to stop at this stage after being ousted by the 5 best delegation teams that went into the grand final round.

“After following this race, a lot of experience that we get during the follow, especially related to wider engineering science industry. We also get new knowledge and this new experience will surely be passed on to our younger brother in Laboratory. In addition we also appreciate the committee who has provided the maximum service so that this activity is very satisfactory for us, although not yet able to continue into the next round. “Said Medi Susanto as one of IDEA 2017 participants . (DAA / BA)