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       At the beginning of 2017 a one-off national journal publication was conducted which proved the consistency of UB’s SRK lab in the field of research as well as the National Conference. One research journal was presented at the beginning of this year by representatives from the Laboratory of Statistic and Quality Engineering who successfully passed Event “INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING CONFERENCE (IDEC) 2017.journal entitled” Quality Control of Water Content of Shrimp Products Based on SNI Shrimp Using Statistical Quality Control Method “written by Head of Laboratory of Statistics and Quality Engineering Ms. Debrina Puspita Andriani, ST., M. Eng with One of the assistants of SRK’14 Laboratory of Industrial Engineering UB Destantri Anggun Rizky. The event was held on Monday, 8 May 2017 held by one of the universities in Solo, Universitas Sebelas Maret (UNS), located at The Alana Solo Hotel.


       This seminar is a scientific meeting of academic scholars of industrial engineering. The event starts at 08.00 WIB which begins with national seminar first done that is opening, then proceed with video safety induction by Alana and PSTI UNS video. Furthermore, a report from the chairman of the committee of IDEC 2017. After that proceeded with remarks from the Rector of UNS. After all that was followed by the National Seminar of Industrial Engineering scholarship. Presenters on this event there are 3 people namely the first Mr. Gunawan Wijaya, then Mr. Muhammad Arif Sambodo, SE. M.Si and lastly Mr. Muh. Hisjam. The seminar was followed by a Q & A session and also the delivery of vendors and awards announcement to the seminar participants.

    After the seminar is finished then continued with presentation sessions 1 and presentation sessions 2. The presentation is divided according to the topic of the paper submitted in accordance with the scientific of industrial engineering. Among the topics are production system, quality system, logistic and business system, product design and development, design of work system and ergonomic, and optimization and information system. The participation of Laboratory of Statistics and Quality Engineering at the seminar of scientific meeting is a real form of SRK lab consistency toward Tri Dharma Perguruan Tinggi in the field of research. In addition, it is expected that with this achievement can continue to improve the capability and quality of the Statistical and Quality Engineering Laboratory in the future. (DA/BA).