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riza    Inalilahi Wainalilahi Rojiun, grief in the great family of Industrial Engineering Brawijaya University on Sunday, July 31, 2016, after the death of one of the best lecturer, namely late Mr. Riza Aulia Rahman, ST., MT. He who had devoted as a lecturer in Industrial Engineering Brawijaya University, passed away at 29 years old at Saiful Anwar Hospital after suffered terminal illness. The late was prayed in Sabissalam Mosque, Jalan Mendut South no. 32, Malang. The late was buried in Ponogoro, which is his place of birth.

    “The late was a patient and sincere figure in teaching, The late also often gave good advice to us on how to become a student, who is not only smart and clever, but also behaved and noble” said Billy Anugrah, one of the assistants of the Statistic and Quality Engineering Laboratory as well as his former student in the Department of Industrial Engineering.

    For the loss figure of the late Mr. Riza Aulia Rahman, ST., MT Our Whole Family of the Statistic and Quality Engineering Laboratory, Faculty of Engineering, Brawijaya University deeply expressed our condolences, hopefully the deceased can be received all his good deeds, get the best place in His side and the left family can be steadfastness and sincerity to face difficulties.