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1436175403160     In order to regenerate the assistant and provide the opportunities for the students of  TI UB to give more contribution and develop their interest in the field of statistics and quality engineering, the Statistic and Quality Engineering Laboratory holds open recruitment for the new assistant, which the stages are carried out from the beginning of June until July 2015. The open recruitment is held for the students of Industrial Engineering class of 2013 only. As of the date of registration limit, the number of document submitted is reaching 35 applicants. From the 35 applicants, they follow a series of selection stage, which consist from the administration selection, written test, and presentation test and interview test, in which from every selection stage will be carried with elimination type selection. Until Wednesday, 1st July 2015, there are 9 selected candidates who’s considered already fulfill the characteristic criteria given from Statistic and Quality Engineering Laboratory. Anisa Lutfiana, Annisaa Adhi R, Fitriyanti Nur C, Harizka Dwi Putri, Ismanu Hutama, M.Hafid Zamroni, M.Fajri, Tiffany Clara Alessi, and Silvya Ratri are the name selected as the new assistant of Statistics & Quality Engineering from the class of 2013. The new assistant will actively cooperate with the currently active assistant from Statistics & Quality Engineering Laboratory in terms of practicum implementation as well as the series of work programs in Statistics & Quality Engineering Laboratory for the next period ahead.


“Being an assistant is a responsibility, in which the responsibility should be carried out properly, with sincerity, and of course can be trusted with the given responsibility. Moreover, Statistics and Quality Engineering Laboratory is a laboratory that has a strong culture. And it is expected for the assistants to be  able to have a strong character who is able to bring the Quality Engineering Statistics Laboratory for a better direction “, said Mr. L.Tri Nata Wijaya Kusuma ST., MT. as the Head of the Statistics and Quality EngineeringLaboratory in the welcoming ceremony in his speech with the new assistant of Statistics and Quality Engineering Laboratory. In addition, he also said that during the selection process, the Statistics & Quality Engineering Laboratory is looking for people with a strong character, where one another should complete  each other and can work well in a team. The regeneration of the new family assistant from the class of 2013, is expected to be able to maintain strong traditions and can also improve the performance of the Statistics and Quality Engineering Laboratory. (Al)