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cangkruk_181201_0137Statistic and Quality Engineering Laboratory held the newest work program called Cangkruk Millennial: Alumni Pulang Kampus on Friday, November 30th 2018. On this event, the alumni from Industrial Engineering Department, Universitas Brawijaya was invited to share their knowledges about the problems that millennials face on these days. On this chance, Cangkruk Millennials took a theme “Taking Chances in Digital Platform Era with Data Science for Millenials” that discussed about the importance of Millennials to understand about data science and digital platform to be more competitive and give an innovation in industry 4.0 that happening now.

Cangkruk Millennial: Alumni Pulang Kampus were  invited Mr. L. Tri Wijaya Nata Kusuma, ST., MT.  as the keynote speaker and also the alumni of IE UB batch 2005, Viki Rahmanto, ST.,  and also Erda Wiharta D., ST. from IE UB batch 2009. This event started at 15.00 about the importance of data science for millennials that delivered by Mr. L. Tri Wijaya Nata Kusuma, ST., MT.. On the next session, the event was delivered by Viki Rahmanto, ST. andcangkruk_181201_0105 Erda Widharta D, ST. about the implementation of data science in industry. On this event, the participants got free flow coffe and snack, and also there were many doorprize that sponsored by Telkomsel and Marine Highway Tech.

“From this event, I got so many knowledge about millennials, and it’s so beneficial for my soft skill and hard skill about data science and the implementation in industry 4.0 era. And also it was so fun! Maybe on the next event is also well prepared so it will be as success as the event today,” Said Fandy, as one of the participant and also the winner of Grand-Prize in Cangkruk Millennials: Alumni Pulang Kampus. From this event, SQE Laboratory hope that it could inspire many millennials to improve their skills, and also give a new spirit for SQE Laboratory for keep inspiring and do their best for the society.