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Below is the properties of “Lembar Kerja Mahasiswa” for the Industrial Statistic practicum Odd Semester 2015/2016 period. Each student who’s taking the Industrial Statistics Practicum should have this properties. The properties are binded with a transparent plastic cover, with attributes in order below :

Lembar Kerja Mahaiswa’s printing format is on A4 paper 70 gr, duplex printing (bolak-balik) for point 2,3 and ordinary printing (biasa) for point 1,4-6.

    1. Cover  (1 copy)
    2. LKM Odd Pages (20 copy)
    3. LKM Even Pages (20 copy)
    4. Observation Sheet  Theory of Probability (1 copy)
    5. Observation Sheet Probability Distribution (2 copy)
    6. Observation Sheet Inference Statistic  (1 copy)