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On thurday, august 1st 2019 SQE Laboratory got an honor to have a visitation from some of lecturers from Universitas Surabaya (UBAYA). this visitation is a part of the whole activity visitation that was done by some of the lecturers in Universitas Surabaya (UBAYA) in Industrial Engineering, Brawijaya University. This event started at Auditory of Industrial Engineering building that is on 6th floor. It was continues by going to each of the laboratory that Industrial Engineering UB have, one of them in SQE Laboratory.

The assistants of the SQE Laboratory welcomed the lecturers from UBAYA with gracious. This visitation was filled with presentation of activities in SQE Laboratory. Starting from the practicum to other activities such as Spectra, Stat day, etc. Research and  community service by SQE Laboratory were also presented here. Seminar and conferences activities were done in research activity, while for community service that has been done were stated the activity in KUD Sumber Makmur Ngantang UMKM Istana Bordir Malang, and etc.

Not only that, in this visitation it was also presented about Statistics software that is owned and also used by the laboratory, such as Minitab, SmartPLS, and SPSS. Statistics tools that is owned also were explained on how it worked, like DOE Golfer.