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1479280928654As a form of participation and contribution in the field of quality engineering, on 26-28 October 2016 Statistics and Quality Engineering Laboratory, Industrial Engineering, University of Brawijaya sent their delegates to participate in the  Competition of Quality Engineering (KRKTN) , which this year has entered a period 4th period and organized by the University of Trisakti. The delegates consist of three (3) people actively Lab assistant SRK namely M.Hafid Zamroni SRK’13, Anisa Lutfiana SRK’13 and Ismanu Hutama Putra SRK ’13.

A series of activities carried out on 26-28 October 2016 at the Auditorium Building Hery Hartanto, Campus A University of Trisakti. KRKTN this year followed by 34 teams from 24 Universities in Indonesia. The event began with opening remarks by the Dean of the Faculty of Industrial Technology, University of Trisakti, and followed by a discussion with Prof. Ir. Isti Surjandari, Ph.D which is the Head of the Statistics and Quality Engineering Laboratory, University of Indonesia, with the theme “Quality Engineering in Supporting Green Industry”.

The 1st  of this competition begins with the question of the first round. Then, followed by a case study  which is solved using the help of software to filter participants who are eligible to enter the semi-final stage. At this stage, the delegates from the Statistics and Quality Engineering  Laboratory qualify to enter the semi-final stage which is packaged in a quiz competition. During the quiz, participants are required to quickly and accurately answer the questions. However, the delegation from Lab SRK TI-UB should be stopped at this stage after being knocked by the Delegation of the University of Parahyangan, Bandung.

“ A lot of experience that we gained during this competition, mainly related to the quality of engineering science. The new science and new experiences this course we will be transmitted to the younger sister in SRK Laboratory, so hopes they’ll become a champion for the event KRKT next year. We say many thanks to Mrs. Debrina Puspita Andriani as Head of  Lab SRK TIUB , who have supported us in the implementation of this race. ” Said M.Hafid Zamroni as the representative delegation of Lab SRK TI -UB. (Al/BA)