Internal training conducted by the Statistic and Quality Engineering Laboratory  aims to deepen understanding of statistics and laboratory assistants Statistics and Quality Engineering. Trainer comes from lecturers and external parties who provide Training Software Minitab 18.

Internal Training activities for the period 2015/2016 have been implemented to further improve the quality of the assistant.

Internal Training 2015/2016


 Sunday, 16th August 2015, Statistics and Quality Engineering Laboratory held an internal training for the laboratory assistant in cooperation with Arena Statistics in Gedung Barat Teknik Industri (GBTI). The training are conducted in order to improve the understanding of the appropriate assistant material being studied. The material presented are regarding the use of SPSS and related data analysis needed in the world of statistics, especially basic statistics. At the end of the training session statistics, laboratory assistants of Statistics and Quality Engineering are given the tests to measure the extent to which understanding of the material presented

Internal Training 2016/2017

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 In order to increase the competency and understanding of Laboratory assistant SRK, some Laboratory assistant join internal training on Wednesday and Thursday, September 14-15, 2016 who was held on Pitu Statistics at Jl. Simpang Gajayana 612 A, Malang. These activities is a work program from the laboratory and also as a preparation to face Industrial Statistics Practicum and 2nd Integrated Practicum for odd semester period 2016/2017.

This training was followed by 4 assistant from class of 2014 on Wednesday, September 14 and 3 assistant from class of 2013 on Thursday, September 15. Hopefully, the assistants who participated in the training, then was able to transfer knowledge who was accepted to the other assistant in the form of training of trainer (TOT). As for the material learned in the training include descriptive statistics, regression correlation, statistical inference, as well as the validity and reliability.

Internal Training 2017/2018

In order to improve the competence and knowledge of the assistants of the Laboratory of Statistics and Quality Engineering, accordingly on 27 August 2017 had been held an internal training activity at the Industrial Engineering Brawijaya University, Malang . This activity is one of the regular programs from the Laboratory of Statistics and Quality Engineering for preparing the assistant  to face the Industrial Statistics Practicum and the Integrated Practicum II that will come at this semester.


The training was attended by all the assistants of the Laboratory of Statistics and Quality Engineering. In this internal training is filled by speakers from the FNI Statistic. The subject that had been discused are hypothesis testing, ANOVA, and validity of reliability. The event had been held for 2,5 hours and from this event can provide a deeper statistical subject so the assistant can be well prepared to face the practicum soon.

 Internal Training 2018/2019


SQE Laboratory held internal training as an implementation to one of the Tri Dharma Perguruan Tinggi. The internal training was held on Saturday, July 21st 2018 at SQE Laboratory, Industrial Engineering Department, Brawijaya University. The training is one of the work program of SQE Laboratory to improve the assistants’s skills for Industrial Statistics Practicum on the next semester.

The internal training was followed by all of the SQE Laboratory Assisstants. On the training, we discussed about how to process the datas with software as one of the implementation to the next practicum. The training was held around three and half hours with the tutor was Miss Primasita from Faculty of Science and Mathematics Brawijaya University. From this program, the assistant’s skills in statistics is expected to be more and more, so the assistants can give the best for the students that taking industrial statistics practicum.

“The internal training is so useful for us to improve our knowledge. From this training, we learned a lot about statistics processing data that we never learned before. I hope the training can help the assistant for improving the SQE Laboratory, “ Said Agustinus Alfian, as one of the participant in this training. (QA/APNA)