Statistic and quality engineering laboratory also held external training aimed to industrial engineering department student or any other group. This event was held in order to sharing knowledge andlearning more about statistic which followed by data processing by using SPSS software.

External Training “SPECTRA – A Statistics Training Program Vol. 2” : Probability Distribution & ANOVA


The main topic were probability distribution and ANOVA, and it was given by Debrina Puspita Andriani, ST., MT, as one of the lecturer who’s expertize in statistics in Industrial Engineering Program, Brawijaya University.

External Training “SPECTRA – A Statistics Training Program Vol. 3” : Quistionnaire testing (Validity & Reliablity) & ANOVA


Sunday, February 28th 2016. External Training “SPECTRA – A Statistic Training Program Vol. 3” was held by Statistic and Quality Engineering Laboratory Brawijaya University which discuss about “Questionnaire Testing (Validity & Reliability) and ANOVA”. This training was held at GBTI (Gedung Barat Teknik Industri).

External Training “SPECTRA – A Statistics Training Program Vol.4″ : Hypothesis Testing & ANOVA

Bu Lely

As a part of preparations for the Industrial Statistics practicum which it a part of the new curriculum UB’s Department of Industrial Engineering, SQE laboratory conduct external training “SPECTRA” which this year has entered volume 4. This training was held on September, 17 at the 6th floor gbti auditorium.

SPECTRA Vol.4 was carried out in two shifts , which the participants are generally industrial engineering students who take courses in industrial Statistics 2 and will take Industrial Statistics practicum. Related material “hypothesis testing and ANOVA”was  presented by one of the lecturers of Industrial Engineering who is also the head of statistical and quality engineering lab period (2012-2014), Ms. Lely Riawati, ST., MT.