Industrial Statistics Practicum is one practicum with a load of 1 credit semester that must be taken for the TI-UB students. Industrial Statistics Practicum is a major work program of Statistics and Quality Engineering Laboratory and Industrial Engineering Program curriculum.

Composition of Module  Industrial Statistics Practicum

Student worksheet of industrial statistic practicum that used consist of three module, which is:

  1. 1st Module : Descriptive Statistics
  2. 2nd Module : Theory and Probability Distribution
  3. 3rd Module : Inferential Statistics
  4. Industrial Statistic Practicum Procedure Flowchart

Condition to enroll in Industrial Statistics Practicum

  1. Already take subjects industrial statistics I and is or has been taking industral statistics II
  2. Industrial Statistics Practicum has been programmed in KRS
  3. Collect the registration form practicum industral statistics in the Statistic and Quality Engineering Laboratory with the following conditions:a).   Registration form has been completedb).   Include a college student schedulec).   Collect all files into the red folder and collected in accordance with a predetermined time.
  4. Terms and conditions can not be contested, and if the terms and conditions are not met then not included in practicum indutrial statistic