Procedures of Practicum Chapter 3

  1. Assistants announce the practicum schedule through wall magazines and laboratory website with regulations, it is required to bring control card.
  2. Assistants who are responsible for the chapters, make SOP for practicum and presentation materials then consult it to the Head of Laboratory
  3. Assistants conduct brainstorm and simulation practicum chapter 3, led by those who are responsible for chapter 3.
  4. Conducting practicum, led by two assistants, tutor 1 and tutor 2.
  5. Tentor 1 has a duty to explain the theory of the enclosed questionnaire, the validity and reliability based on the standar operating procedure that has been made.
  6. Tentor 2 has to explain the validity and reliability testing using SPSS 16 software in accordance with the SOP that has been made.
  7. Another guard assistant helps students in testing the validity and reliability.
  8. The division job description of assistant tutor and another guard can be changed in accordance with the SOP which made by those responsible for the module.
  9. At the end of the practicum, the assistant explains sub-chapter the report and what should be done in progress reports.
  10. After practicum, students are asked to create and deploy enclosed questionnaire to identify the needs and interests and assessment of the competitor for the same product.
  11. Students shauld consult the enclosed questionnaire which have been made to the assistant of the Statistic and Quality Engineering Laboratory and their lecturer.
  12. Students should distribute enclosed questionnaires to the respondents in accordance with the product segmentation of each group.
  13. Students recap enclosed questionnaire results and conduct the validity and reliability tests.
  14. The output of this third chapter is the level of interest / customer needs and expectations of each respondent’s assessment of competitor products.