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In order to improve the competence and knowledge of the assistants of the Laboratory of Statistics and Quality Engineering, accordingly on 27 August 2017 had been held an internal training activity at the Industrial Engineering Brawijaya University, Malang . This activity is one of the regular programs from the Laboratory of Statistics and Quality Engineering for preparing the assistant  to face the Industrial Statistics Practicum and the Integrated Practicum II that will come at this semester.


The training was attended by all the assistants of the Laboratory of Statistics and Quality Engineering. In this internal training is filled by speakers from the FNI Statistic. The subject that had been discused are hypothesis testing, ANOVA, and validity of reliability. The event had been held for 2,5 hours and from this event can provide a deeper statistical subject so the assistant can be well prepared to face the practicum soon.




“This training is very useful for us, we got more knowledge of  SPSS V20’s software. In the other hand, we have been shared many things about statistic with the trainer so from this event we know new lore about statistic that would be very useful in the future, especially to support the practicum of  this semester “said Harry Fadli as one of the participants of this training. With these training, hope that the assistant of SQE’s Laboratory can  improve the competency both in the process of practicum and other activities,including research and community service. So this will affect to the Laboratory of Statistics & Quality Engineering Laboratory performance.