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For the student who take the course of Industrial Statistic for Odd Semester 2018 / 2019 Period, please follow this step :

(Use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox Browser)

  1. Upload a formal photo of yours (the photo format is NAMA_NIM, limited to JPG or JPEG, with maximum size of 2MB) by clicking here
  2. After uploading photo, you will be automatically redirected to fill the bio form and class schedule for the Odd Semester 2018/2019 Period
  3. In the last page of the form, click submit button. When the filling was successful, a description that the data has been validated will displayed.
  4. After submitting online registration form, you are expected to collect the files below to the Statistics and Quality Engineering Laboratory
    • Print Out of class schedule Odd Semester  2018/2019 Period
    • Validation page
    • Print Out KHS
  5. Submit the files with red map folder directly to the Statistic and Quality Engineering Laboratory at the latest on 23 August 2018, at 4 PM.
  6. If there are any trouble found please feel free to contact us at
    1. Statistic and Quality Engineering – Gedung Teknik Industri 2nd Floor
    2. Call Center : 0853 3880 2323

Below is the example of the registration step

First, click the “Select File” choose the photo according to the criteria, then “Upload File”


Second, after upload the finished, then you’ll be automatically redirected to the google form to fill the bio form


Third, fill the class schedule

form 2

And then, after clicking the “kirim”, then the below page will be appeared, and click the link provided in the page

web 1

Finally, fill the Name and Student Id, print the page, and submit the validation form directly to the Statistic and Quality Engineering Laboratory

web 2