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The Laboratory of Statistics and Quality Engineering have done a visitation to the Industrial Statistics Laboratory of Parahyangan Catholic University on July 24, 2018. The Industrial Statistics Laboratory is one of the laboratories under the auspices of the Industrial Engineering Program, Faculty of Industrial Technology, Parahyangan University, Bandung.

This visit is intended to conduct a comparative study and brainstorming on the existing practicum system in the Industrial Statistics Laboratory. The delegation from the Laboratory of Statistics and Quality Engineering was welcomed by the Head of Industrial Engineering Study Program Mr. Romy Loice, Head of Industrial Statistics Laboratory Mr. Ignatius A. Sandy, and lecturer of Statistics of Parahyangan Catholic University, Mrs. Chintya P. Juwono, Mr. Hanky ​​Fransiscus as the Statistics Practicum Coordinator and colleagues assistant to the Laboratory of Industrial Statistics. The event continued with a presentation by Mr. Hanky ​​Fransiscus about the profile of Industrial Engineering Program of Parahyangan University up to the practicum which was controlled by the Industrial Statistics Laboratory itself. Then, continued with a question and answer session about the system of practicum implementation with the assistants and lecturers of Statistics in Industrial Engineering program. The last event was closed with the submission of placards from each party, namely UB Industrial Engineering Department and Industrial Engineering Program UNPAR.

“We are very grateful for this visit because we feel appreciated even though we are one of the priIMG_1389vate universities in Indonesia,” said Mr. Romy Loice as Chairman of Industrial Engineering Program of Parahyangan University.   With this visitation is expected to build cooperation relationship in the field of education with Industrial Engineering Programs, especially the Industrial Statistics Laboratory Parahyangan University. (FPP/ASA)