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Bu Lely     As a part of preparations for the Industrial Statistics practicum which it a part of the new curriculum UB’s Department of Industrial Engineering, SQE laboratory conduct external training “SPECTRA” which this year has entered volume 4. This training was held on September, 17 at the 6th floor gbti auditorium.

     SPECTRA Vol.4 was carried out in two shifts , which the participants are generally industrial engineering students who take courses in industrial Statistics 2 and will take Industrial Statistics practicum. Related material “hypothesis testing and ANOVA”was  presented by one of the lecturers of Industrial Engineering who is also the head of statistical and quality engineering lab period (2012-2014), Ms. Lely Riawati, ST., MT.

     The event begins with the opening, followed by the provision of  hypothesis testing and ANOVA material by the speaker as well as materials with SPSS 20 software by SRK laboratory assistant. On the occasion, Ms. Lely Riawati, ST., MT as the speaker seem so enthusiastic, she said with this event , the students could known the basic of the hypothesis test and ANOVA material and be able to prepare themselves for Industrial Statistics practicum.

Asisten     During the event, the participants were so excited because this is a new experience for the participants to process the data using SPSS 20 software, so that they become better understood about how to process the data using software with different types of testing.

     “This event is fun, we acquire new knowledge and would be more ready to face practicum Industrial Statistics practicum in this semester. The facilities provided are also very adequate, thanks to the Statistical Laboratory and Quality Engineering for the implementation of this very useful event “said one of the participants SPECTRA vol.4 at the end of the event. (DA /AL/BA)