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SPECTRAStatistic and quality engineering laboratory held external training for the second time, SPECTRA vol 2- A Statistic Training Program that aimed to industrial engineering department student or any other. This event was held in order to sharing knowledge and learning more about statistic which followed by data processing by using SPSS software.

The main topic were probability distribution and ANOVA, and it was given by Debrina Puspita Andriani, ST., MT, as one of the lecturer who’s expertize in statistics in Industrial Engineering Program, Brawijaya University.

SPECTRA was opened by a pre-test, in which all the training participant were given a question in accordance to the topic given in the training, with the purpose to understand more about the participant knowledge about the Probability Distribution and ANOVA, before it was given in the training. After the pre-test, the participant were given a training using both lecture and software. The training was closed with a final test, a competency test to know how much the participant understand the training material after SPECTRA’s training.

In the end of the training, the participant were asked to fill a closed questionnaire, with the purpose to provide how much the satisfaction acquired by the participant about the SPECTRA’s training. After the training was finished, it is hoped that SPECTRA’s can give more contribution in increasing student knowledge about statistic, and how to use statistical software to ease the statistic process.