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Statistic and Quality Engineering Laboratory, Industrial Engineering, Brawijaya University sent their delegation to the 2017 Competition of Industrial Engineering (CONSTRAIN) which  held on 27-29 November 2017. The competition is organized by Industrial Engineering, Hassanudin University, Gowa. The Delegate that were delivered consisting of 3 (three) active assistants of SRK Laboratory that is  Muhamad Mudhafir Walad SRK’15, Firda Rahmatika SRK’15, and Andreas Geonaldi Bimantoko SRK’15.

The opening ceremony  of this events was held at Level 1 CSA Building, Faculty of Engineering, Hassanudin University. In this year CONSTRAIN competition bring the themed “Good System for Good Manufacturing”.There are 30 teams from many universities across Indonesia who signed up and 10 qualified teams for the final round to compete in Gowa.

The competition consists of 2 (two) rounds, namely Raph Game Relay and Break The Problem. In this Rush Game Relay round, participants are asked to work on questions interchangeably between each team member. And in the second round, Break The Problem, participants will visit PT. Semen Bosowa to make observations and find problems. The next day the participants to make a presentation about the solution of the problems found. The event closed with Gala Dinner event as well as the announcement of the winner. However, the delegation team from SRK TI UB Laboratory must stop.

“This CONSTRAIN race was very impressive and made us feel challenged to show our knowledge. Hopefully this can be our motivation in the next year in order to win the race. “Said Andreas Geonaldi Bimantoko as chairman of the team of Laboratory delegation SRK TI UB. (FP)111