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On October 29th – November 1st 2018, Statistic and Quality Engineering Laboratory, Industrial Engineering Department, Universitas Brawijaya sent the delegation to be the participants in Competition of Industrial Engineering(CONSTRAIN). This competition was held by Industrial Engineering Department, Hasanuddin University, Gowa. On this chance, SQE Laboratory sent 2 teams. The 1st team is FOPOINTO that consisted of Vina Dwi N. SQE’16, Yayan Adi P. SQE’16, Azizah Putri Nur Aini SQE’16. And the 2nd team is QUALITY that consisted of Alfian Anwar SQE’16, Sulchi T. SQE’16, Widya Rahayu SQE’16.

COnstrainThe opening ceremony of CONSTRAIN 2018 was held on The 1st floor CSA Building, Engineering Faculty, Hasanuddin University. The theme of the competition was “Widely Connected, Smartly Operate”. The teams from SQE Laboratory was one of the TOP 15 and went to semi-final stage.

CONSTRAIN 2018 consisted of 2 stage. The 1st stage was QUIZ Stage and the 2nd stage is POST GAME. On the quiz stage, the teams must answer the questions from the committee. On the 2nd stage, POST GAME, every team must solve the question from every post that they went. There were 5 posts. The closing ceremony was Gala Dinner and also announced the winner of CONSTRAIN 2018. But, The teams from SQE Laboratory must stop on the Semi-final Stage.

“From this competition, we can know more about industrial engineering students from all across University in Indonesia. And also, we got an experience and knowledge that motivates us to the next competition,” Said Azizah Putri, one of the Delegation of SQE Laboratory.