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This year, Statistics and Quality Engineering Laboratory, Industrial Engineering, Universitas Brawijaya sent back its delegation to participate in the 5th National Quality Engineering Competition (KRKTN)  2017 who organized by Universitas Trisakti. KRKTN is one of the quality engineering competitions for undergraduate  students. At this competition, SQE Laboratory sent as many as 2 (two) teams with each team consisting of 3 (three) active assistant of SRK Laboratory. The first team is the AMAZY team consisting of Maulivia Rizma SRK’14, Fachrezy Pangestu Widi SRK’14, and Annissa Dian Islami SRK’14. Meanwhile, the second team is MEDIUM team consisting of Medi Susanto SRK’14, Khalishah Mutiara Purnamasari SRK’14, and Unggul  Setiaji SRK’14.

This competition will be held on 25-27 October 2017 at Auditorium Hery Hartanto, Kampus A Universitas Trisakti. This year,  KRKTN was followed by 32 teams from 23 universities across Indonesia with the theme “Six Sigma Integration with Data Mining”. There are several rounds that must be passed by the escaped teams. The first round is the preliminary round which is divided into 2 (two) sessions. For the first session preliminary round with work on materials related to Quality Engineering, Quality Management, Experimental Design, Quality Control, Data Mining, etc. related to quality engineering. Second stage of the second session by using the question of using software minitab and R or Weka From this round 25 selected teams qualified for the semifinals. Then in the semi-finals packed in the form of a meticulous race. From this round directly elected the 5 best teams that will go into the final round. However, the two teams from SQE Laboratory must stop in the semifinals.

“A lot of experience and knowledge that we get during this competition, especially science related to quality engineering. In addition, we are also introduced with new software like R or Weka software. With the experience and this new science we will spread to our younger siblings at SRK Laboratory,  So we hope they can be the champion of KRKTN event next year. “Said Maulivia Rizma as delegation representative from SQE Laboratory UB (DA/FP)