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One of the implementation of Tri Dharma Perguruan Tinggi in the field of community service, on July 17, 2018 Laboratory of Statistics and Quality Engineering Department of Industrial Engineering Faculty of Engineering Universitas Brawijaya held training and socialization of the importance of fresh milk packaging design in order to increase the economic value and selling power in Paguyuban KUD Sumber Makmur located in Waturejo Village, Ngantang District, Malang Regency. This community oversees the dairy farmers who supply the milk to the KUD Sumber Makmur. In this training and socialization activities the theme “Training of Packaging Design to Improve the Quality of Fresh Milk Products”. The event was attended by Head of SRK Laboratory, several lecturers, all assistant of Laboratory of SRK, Head of Desa Ngantang,village apparatus and some PKK mothers coming from community of dairy farmer KUD Sumber Makmur as trainee. In a series of events, the participants were given material on the types of fresh milk packaging, design and packaging materials, until the information must be contained in the packaging delivered by Febrina Puji Purwandani and Muzzaki Sani as Assistant SRK’15.

“This activity is very beneficial for us dairy farmers because with this training and socialization we realizeIMG_0455 (1) the importance of packaging design from fresh milk for our products, in addition to the milk we supply to the KUD Sumber Makmur. And hopefully with this activity, can help us in applying for permission to get PIRT number from Health Department, “said Mrs. Sunarti which is one of the participants of training and socialization.

At the end of this service, Mrs. Debrina Puspita Andriani, ST., M.Eng. as Head of SRK Laboratory submit the charter to the Chairman of PKK Paguyuban KUD Sumber Makmur. In addition, Mrs. Debrina Puspita Andriani ST., M.Eng. to thank all parties who have been involved for the smooth implementation of this community service activities, namely Paguyuban KUD Sumber Makmur,Industrial Engineering Department, and Faculty of Engineering Universitas Brawijaya. And after the existence of this activity, it is expected to keep a good relationship between SRK Laboratory and Pusuban KUD Sumber Makmur especially in improving the quality of fresh milk in community service and research activities. (FPP/ASA)

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