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Data of Industrial Statistic Practicum Module 2 can be downloaded here  

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Header & Footer of Module I : Descriptive Statistics can be downloaded here Header & Footer of Module II : Probability Theory and Probability Distribution can be downloaded here Header & Footer of Module III : Statistical Inference can be downloaded here

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Download Rules of Report Content here Download Rules of Report Format here

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Below is The Properties for the Industrial Statistics practicum Odd Semester 2018/2019 period. Each student that is taking the Industrial Statistics Practicum should have this properties. Practicum Control & Assistant Consultation Card and Lecturer Control Card should be: Printed on white plain buffalo paper With size of an A4 The card should be duplex printing (bolak-balik)   […]

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For the student who take the course of Industrial Statistic for Odd Semester 2018 / 2019 Period, please follow this step : (Use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox Browser) Upload a formal photo of yours (the photo format is NAMA_NIM, limited to JPG or JPEG, with maximum size of 2MB) by clicking here After uploading photo, you will […]

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For the students currently taking Industrial Statistics Practicum, it is required to fill the student satisfaction index questionnaire here. Please note that the students must fill the questionnaire before being able to take the students practicum grade and individual report at the Statistic & Quality Engineering Laboratory on Friday, May 11th 2018.

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Soft Group Report Cover Blank HVS paper (A4) Report Cover Approval Sheet Foreword Table of Content Chapter I Divider Page Report Chapter I Chapter II Divider Page Report Chapter II Chapter III Divider Page Report Chapter III Bibliography Attachment Divider Photocopy of Practicum Control Card  Photocopy of Lecturer’s and Assistant’s Control Card Note: 1. Before binding the report, […]

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