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 On March 11, 2017, one of the annual work programs of statistics and quality engineering laboratory was conducted in the form of external training. This external training is already the fifth time organized by statistics and quality engineering laboratory. This external training was conducted with  theme  validity, reliability and ANOVA. One of the objective of […]

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   In accordance with the tri dharma perguruan tinggi, Statistics and Quality Engineering Laboratory  runs a program of education one of which Industrial Statistics Practicum. In the new academic year 2016/2017 period. Then yesterday on Monday, 6 March 2017 has held the introduction of Industrial Statistics Practicum that will be beginning of Industrial Statistics Practicum. […]

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   As one of the efforts to regenerate the structure of the Statistics and Quality Engineering Laboratory Assistant, Saturday, February 4, 2017, the election was held to choose a new assistant coordinator who will carry out the task in the period 2017/2018 which is housed in the Villa Songgoriti, Batu.   Assistant Coordinator selection event […]

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     As one of a series of practicum activities, then on December 24th 2016 carried out the submission of letters satisfied for the practitioner who has been taking practicum activities during this semester. The activity was conducted in the Statistics and Quality Engineering Laboratory who was  attended by all assistant lab supervisor and the […]

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     Some time ago, precisely on Tuesday, 6 December 2016 has been held Internal Audit Quality (AIM) in Department of Industrial Engineering precisely on Statistics and Quality Engineering Laboratory. Auditor comes from the Department of Electrical Engineering, Brawijaya University. The audit aims to improve the quality service of Statistics and Engineering Quality Laboratory. In […]

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A total of 15 representatives of students from SMAN 4 Tangerang conducted a study visit to the Statistics and Quality Engineering Laboratory on Tuesday (13/12). That Students is one part of the 458 students of class XI from SMAN 4 Tangerang who Conducting a study visit to the University of Brawijaya. During the visit, they […]

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As one form of contribution and participation in the field of marketing research, Statistics and Quality Engineering Laboratory sends its delegation consisting of M.Hafid Zamroni, Anisa Lutfiana, Ismanu Hutama Putra joined in the team by name “SQE” to follow a National Competition Marketing Research Competition (NMRC) in 2016 conducted by the University of Atma Jaya […]

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The team from  Statistics and Quality Engineering Laboratory won the first prize in the Industrial English Speech Contest (INTENS) 2016 which was held at 6th floor Auditorium  of Industrial Engineering on November 19 th. The Teams consist of Annisaa Adi Ramadan SRK ’13 and  Khalisah  Mutiara SRK’14, they was successfully defeated five other teams from […]

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As a form of participation and contribution in the field of quality engineering, on 26-28 October 2016 Statistics and Quality Engineering Laboratory, Industrial Engineering, University of Brawijaya sent their delegates to participate in the  Competition of Quality Engineering (KRKTN) , which this year has entered a period 4th period and organized by the University of […]

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Not satisfied enough with one international journal publication, at the end of this year SQE Laboratory proved the quality of its researches one more time. Two research journals from Statistic and Quality Engineering Laboratory successfully pass the selection for a national seminar entitled ISAC (Indonesian Statistical Analysis Conference) 2016. Those journals are “Analysis of Assignable […]

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