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    In order to welcome new members in of Statistic and Quality Engineering Laboratory family, and also tighten the relationship entire assistant Laboratory  along with the head of laboratory Mrs. Debrina Puspita Andriani ST., M.Eng, Saturday, July 30, 2016 SQE Laboratory held a gathering event of halal bi halal at Joglo Dau Ijen, Malang. […]

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     As one of the work program owned by the Statistic and Quality Engineering Laboratory related to the regeneration of assistants, in the period from May to June 2016 Statistical and Quality Engineering Laboratory held the Open Recruitment. Open recruitment is only for students of Industrial Engineering class of 2014 who really want to contribute […]

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        As one consideration in the preparation of new subjects syllabus about Tourism Management,  on 5 – 7 May 2016 Statistic & and Quality Engineering Laboratory Field Study   to Bali Island. Bali has the highest revenue from its tourism sector, so it should serve as a good reference related to Tourism management processes.   […]

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      In order to handover position of the Head of the Statistical and Quality Engineering Laboratory, Monday, August 18, 2016 at the Laboratory of SRK held thanksgiving ceremony which was attended by the Head of the SQE Laboratory, Mrs. Debrina Puspita Andriani ST., M.Eng and some lecturers and SQE Laboratory assistants 2012 and 2013. the […]

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    In order to have external cooperation, Monday February 29th 2016 Faculty of Engineering, Brawijaya University held an event about Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) Assigning and Public Lecture with the best and leading shipping terminal company PT.Terminal Teluk Lamong.    The signing of cooperation carried out by the Vice Dean for Academic Affairs FT-UB Mr.Dr.Ir […]

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      Sunday, February 28th 2016. External Training “SPECTRA – A Statistic Training Program Vol. 3” was held by Statistic and Quality Engineering Laboratory Brawijaya University which discuss about “Questionnaire Testing (Validity & Reliability) and ANOVA”. This training was held at GBTI (Gedung Barat Teknik Industri).        SPECTRA was held in order to […]

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Saturday, 27th February 2016 at the Auditorium, 6th Floor Gedung Barat Teknik Industri (GBTI) Universitas Brawijaya, Malang, Statistics and Quality Engineering Laboratory successfully held the “Quest”. Quesis a research-related seminars and KKNP by SQE Laboratory Assistant, packaged simply in a sharing session. Quest event began promptly at 11.00 am with the speakers are Firman Mega […]

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As the regeneration of the Statistics and Quality Engineering Laboratory Assistant structure, on Saturday 30th January 2016, assistant coordinator election was held to choose who will be in charge on the period of 2016/2017. The election took place in Wakul Restaurant, Batu. Assistant Coordinator election was attended by Mr. L.Tri Nata Wijaya Kusuma ST., MT […]

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  One laboratory assistant from Statistics & Quality Engineering Laboratory, namely Annisaa Adi Ramadan make a presentation paper (12/08/15) in IEEM (International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management) in 2015 entitled “The Quality Function Deployment (QFD ) – Based Evaluation of Malang Waste Management Bank “which is the work of Mr. L.Tri Nata Wijaya […]

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      Statistics & Quality Engineering Laboratory, sent four of its delegations, namely Mr L.Tri Wijaya Nata Kusuma ST., MT. as the Head of Statistics & Quality Engineering Laboratory, along with three other assistants, Suko Wahyu Dwiputro, Annisaa Adi Ramadan, and Harizka Dwi Putri Anggriyanti to Singapore to take part in IEEM (International Conference on Industrial […]

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