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  One laboratory assistant from Statistics & Quality Engineering Laboratory, namely Annisaa Adi Ramadan make a presentation paper (12/08/15) in IEEM (International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management) in 2015 entitled “The Quality Function Deployment (QFD ) – Based Evaluation of Malang Waste Management Bank “which is the work of Mr. L.Tri Nata Wijaya […]

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      Statistics & Quality Engineering Laboratory, sent four of its delegations, namely Mr L.Tri Wijaya Nata Kusuma ST., MT. as the Head of Statistics & Quality Engineering Laboratory, along with three other assistants, Suko Wahyu Dwiputro, Annisaa Adi Ramadan, and Harizka Dwi Putri Anggriyanti to Singapore to take part in IEEM (International Conference on Industrial […]

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       As one form of implementation of the Tri Dharma University namely Community Service (Pengmas), Saturday, October 17, 2015 Laboratory of Statistic and Quality Engineering (SRK) Industrial Engineering UB in cooperation with PT Nindya worked through workshop in one of the SME in the area of Batu, namely UKM Bagus Agriseta Mandiri, which […]

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Statistic day is a series of events to commemorate the national statistics day, and SQE Laboratory 9th Birthday. National Statistics Day is the anniversary of the Indonesian National Statistics that falls on 26th September. This event has been held from two years earlier. For this year, the statistics day held by SQE laboratory only held […]

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Statistic and quality engineering laboratory held external training for the second time, SPECTRA vol 2- A Statistic Training Program that aimed to industrial engineering department student or any other. This event was held in order to sharing knowledge and learning more about statistic which followed by data processing by using SPSS software. The main topic […]

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Sunday, 16th August 2015, Statistics and Quality Engineering Laboratory held an internal training for the laboratory assistant in cooperation with Arena Statistics in Gedung Barat Teknik Industri (GBTI). The training are conducted in order to improve the understanding of the appropriate assistant material being studied. The material presented are regarding the use of SPSS and […]

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                  Friday, July 31 2015, Sekolah Tinggi Teknologi Angkatan Laut (STTAL) Surabaya, East Java, made an academic visit to the Industrial Engineering Department, University of Brawijaya, Malang. During the event, Mr. Joko as Chairman of the STTAL Industrial Engineering Department visited laboratories in TI UB, one of […]

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     In order to regenerate the assistant and provide the opportunities for the students of  TI UB to give more contribution and develop their interest in the field of statistics and quality engineering, the Statistic and Quality Engineering Laboratory holds open recruitment for the new assistant, which the stages are carried out from the […]

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Assistant Coordinator has an important role in the organization structure of Statistics and Quality Engineering (SQE) Laboratory, Industrial Engineering Department, Brawijaya University. The main role of Assistant Coordinator is to lead all assistants so every work program of the laboratory can be executed optimally. The end of odd semester 2014/2015 was the time for SQE […]

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