“SPECTRA – A Statistics training Program vol. 3” : Quistionnaire testing (Validity & Reliablity) and ANOVA

      Sunday, February 28th 2016. Exter1nal Training “SPECTRA – A Statistic Training Program Vol. 3” was held by Statistic and Quality Engineering Laboratory Brawijaya University which discuss about “Questionnaire Testing (Validity & Reliability) and ANOVA”. This training was held at GBTI (Gedung Barat Teknik Industri).

       SPECTRA was held in order to help and improve the understanding and ability of participants, espescially in knowledge about how to make a right and good questionnaire and also analyze data using more than one factor with ANOVA testing.

       This activity was devided into two shift. The first shift started at 08.00 till 10.00 am and the second one was at 11..00 am till drop. The topic was given by Ms. Wifqy Azlia, ST., MT. as one of Industrial Engineering Brawijaya University Lecture that concern on Statistic and Quality Engineering. The topic was divided into two parts, they are theory and software.

       Before the theory and software was presented, participants were given the pre and post test about the main topic to know about the understanding after and before the topic given, and also the satisfaction questionnaire was given to ensure the facility on this external train2ing is fully help the participant and helps the assistant to improve the quality to the external training program.

    “The training was great, a lot of knowledge that I get through this training , especially on validity and reliability analysis. Alhamdulillah, Hopefully for the next training the topic that given to the participant is always updated”, said one of participant after the training activity. (AL/FNC/AA)

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