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        After holding the Open Recruitment Assistant activity who held by the Statistics and Quality Quality Engineering Laboratory, on June 10th  2017 has been announced 9 people selected as laboratory assistant SRK force 2015. Of the 41 applicants have been elected 9 qualified names namely Annisa Sophie, Febrina Puji, Firda Rahmatika, Tara Aldania, Muzakki Sani, Andreas Bimantoko, Mudhafir Walad, and Harry Fadly.

      On June 12th , 2017, a new SRK lab assistant recruitment event was attended by all heads of statistic and quality engineering laboratories, namely Mrs. Debrina Puspita Andriani, ST., M. Eng and all previous statistics and quality engineering assistant labratorium. “Congratulations to the 9 people selected from the 2015 armed forces, hopefully with the election of 9 people from the generation of 2015 can continue the achievement of laboratory statistics and quality engineering beforehand and can bring laboratory statistics and quality engineering more advanced again.” Message from Mrs. Debrina as Head of Statistics and Quality Engineering Laboratory.

       With the election of 9 new assistants of statistical and quality engineering laboratories, hope can further advance the name of the statistic and quality engineering laboratories and keep the  Statistics and Quality Engineering Laboratory to be better. (DA/BA)